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What is Wolf Pack Radio?

Wolf Pack Radio is a student-run, nonprofit radio station, broadcasting from the Joe Crowley Student Union at the University of Nevada, Reno. It is the only student-run radio station in northern Nevada, and has been operating for over ten years. WPR gives university students a media outlet to express themselves to a wide audience comprising not only of fellow students, but listeners and readers all over the world. In fact, all shows are created and broadcasted entirely by students. While most shows predominantly feature music, some also speak about a wide range of topics, including politics and sports. WPR provides unique and professional work experience, internships, and volunteer opportunities in radio, journalism, and various creative fields to students at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Wolf Pack Radio is your source for fresh underground music and campus news. Live live from wolfpackradio.org, and our mobile app for iPhone and Android!

Contact Us

Please visit our staff page to find the appropriate person to get in touch with. Alternatively, give us a ring at 775-784-7073 for business inquiries, or 775-784-7074 for music requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wolf Pack Radio?

Wolf Pack Radio is the University of Nevada, Reno’s student radio station.

Who runs Wolf Pack Radio?

Wolf Pack Radio is completely operated by UNR students.

Who can join Wolf Pack Radio?

Any UNR student.

Do I need prior radio experience to be a DJ?

No. Although prior radio experience is helpful, it is not necessary. All DJs will undergo training.

How much will I get paid to be a DJ?

Nothing. Wolf Pack Radio is a non-profit radio station. All on-air staff are volunteers and are not paid for providing on-air programming.

Is anyone at Wolf Pack Radio paid?

Yes, Wolf Pack Radio management, comprised entirely of students, are paid.

Where does Wolf Pack Radio get funding?

Wolf Pack Radio is a publication within the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno. All funds come from a proposed ASUN budget.

Who do I contact for information, or to join Wolf Pack Radio?

Please visit our staff page to find the appropriate person to contact.