Pavo Pavo is a 5-piece indie pop band that came together in Yale University. With classical music training, the Brooklyn band releases a debut album which is instrumentally diverse and cohesive. Young Narrator in the Breakers is one worthy of study.

The band first hit the indie music scene with the release of “Ran Ran Run,” a multi-part ethereal ride. The single made full use of the band’s brimming talent. Attention to detail on the track promised a strong album. Skip ahead to its release and that promise is for the most part fulfilled.

Pavo Pavo takes inspiration from the psychedelic 70s. The chanting falsettos on the tail-end of tracks like “2020 We’ll Have Nothing Going On” are reminiscent of 70s-era Beatles. Like many tracks on the album, a large handful of instruments are used from violin to piano to electric guitar.

The band controls the ambience of their songs masterfully, but sometimes they opt for interludes which feel far too hollow. Songs like “A Quiet Time with Spaceman Sputz” leaves me desperate for more action. Pavo Pavo has an excellent vocal talent in Eliza Bagg. But for much of the album, she’s given the background vocalist role. Eliza gives the album character the few times she’s given the floor. “The Aquarium” is where we hear her most. It’s a shame we don’t hear her more.

Young Narrator in the Breakers showcases a lot of the education and instrumental talents Pavo Pavo has acquired over the years. It’s the intelligent blend of their instruments and ideas which make for a strong debut despite some of the hollow moments.

Marcus Villagran is a journalism, sociology and international affairs student studying abroad in India this semester! Interested in artists similar to Pavo Pavo? Read Marcus’ reviews of Florist, Computer Magic and Charlie Hilton.