British Columbia-based artist Jamison Isaak recently released his new album Themes for Dying Earth under his pseudonym, Teen Daze on Feb. 10, 2017. The basis for the title Themes for Dying Earth is the constant conversation of global warming and similar hot-button environmental issues. In an interview Isaak shared that, much of his work is inspired by nature, and that “it’s scary to think that future generations may not have that same relationship.”

The first song off the 11-track album is “Cycle.” Teen Daze follows the thread of the earth’s wellbeing, love, and depression throughout Themes for Dying Earth. Isaak’s dreamy vocals are backed by synth while he sings:

“One by one, they enter my mind: the cycle always holds me down.  You are the only one that speaks into me and breaks the cycle.”

Themes for Dying Earth was a collaborative effort between Isaak and several artists, including New Yorker Nadia Hulett, who is featured in the stand-out track “Lost.” “Lost” emphasizes Isaak’s worries about the diminishing resources on earth. Hulett sings throughout the entire track and repeats the lyric, “They shouldn’t have to fade away,” making a parallel between the “dying earth” and a dying relationship.

“When there’s no justice, but plenty of cause.
 I try to empathize with impossible thoughts, I can only cry, too many lost.  
They shouldn’t have to fade away.
Deep inside the woods is where, I go to understand.  
I want to run away with you, I want to understand.  
We’ll climb a tree, and reach a peak, inside each other’s hearts.
And swim the lake, confront the things, that are tearing us apart.
They shouldn’t have to fade away.”

Teen Daze album cover for "Themes for Dying Earth." Teen Daze’s Themes for Dying Earth album cover. 

In contrast to the dark subject matter of Themes for Dying Earth, Teen Daze manages to maintain a synthetic weightlessness from beginning to end. Contrary to Teen Daze’s many other releases and singles, Isaak took a softer approach to the overall production of his latest releases. The vocals are more subdued, and the music noticeably more quiet. Themes for Dying Earth is the synthed-out ambient pop that 2017 promised us.