Reno’s Night Rooms: Something Different 

Reno’s music scene flourishes with local artists sharing their passions for music among their friends but most importantly the community. Metal bands are continuing to become a popular genre among these artists but a group of Reno-natives aims to break the normality. You may have seen them perform at your local underground house party or opening for the Montreal-based solo musician HOMESHAKE at the Holland Project.

Video by Karolina Rivas.

The surf-punk band, Night Rooms, is among one of the most popular local bands in Reno, Nev. Composed of four college students, each member of Night Rooms brings their own style of music to the group creating tunes ranging from pop and jazz progressions to alternative rock vibes.

Drummer, Ryan Burt, took the initiative to start the band. He contacted lead singer and guitarist, Nic Graver, after he listened to Graver’s SoundCloud.

“He was definitely open to the idea of being in a band, but I hit him up first to jam together,” Burt said. “That was right when he had moved into the dorms.”

Graver was open to the idea and agreed to form a band.

“I originally had written all of the songs basically but I wanted to have a full band to make them sound better,” Graver said.

Graver and Burt played their first show together at the Holland Project in September of 2015. Graver then contacted elementary school friends, Landon Renwick (bass) and Luke Morse (guitar) to complete the band. Less than a year later, Night Rooms played their first show as a full band at the Holland Project in February of 2016. Their first show also became their first sold-out show due to the large support from their friends.

The band recalls the show being full of high-energy making them realize that they wanted to continue with the idea of being a band. Once the band was complete, it was time for a name. Graver recalls creating the name “Night Rooms” from username he saw on Tumblr.

“I messaged them and I was like ‘Can I just use this as my band name?’ and she was like some girl in Britain man and she was like ‘yeah’ and I was like ‘alright, so Night Rooms,’” Graver said. “It’s perfect! It fits so well I think, I’m not even ashamed, I think it found me.”

Photos by Cedrick Alcala. 

When asked what type of the music they play, the band has a hard time describing pinpointing one genre.

“Surf, pop, rock, jazz, rock, and indie,” Renwick said.  

“We try to play interesting chords,” Graver said. “I don’t want to just play the same first chords you learn, you know? Some are kind of surfy chords with pop progressions.”

Each band member has had over six years of experience in music allowing them to bring their own style to the music.

“We all listen to certain kind of music and we bring that into each role,” Morse said.

When it comes to down to the lyrical writing, Graver receives his inspiration from sad or acoustic music. His biggest inspiration is Keaton Henson. Graver admires Henson’s ability to be honest with his music and accept sadness. Burt is greatly inspired by funk band, Vulfpeck, to bring the surf-punk chords to life through the drums. Although many of their songs contain sad lyrics, the band hopes the music itself will bring joy to their audiences.

“The lyrics are so sad but people need to dance to the music,” Graver said.

Night Rooms recorded their EP, “Outside Days,”  themselves on a 30-year-old live mixing console entirely in Burt’s bedroom. The band recommends to all upcoming artists to produce music yourself because not only is financially cheaper but also a great skill to have. Night Rooms highly recommends that up-and-coming bands attend local shows to experience the music scene first-hand.

“Be unique,” Renwick said. “Be different from the other bands.”

Stream “Outside Days” now on BandCamp, Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal.