Diet Cig finally punctuated their presence in the lo-fi indie scene with their latest release, Swear I’m Good at This. Prior to Swear I’m Good at This, the New York-based duo Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman had released an EP, Over Easy, and two singles, “Dinner Date” and “Sleep Talk.” After two years of following this spirited project, it feels great to have a 12-track album. I’m sure Diet Cig’s monthly Spotify listeners (over 200,000!) agree.

close-upAbove, Bowman and Luciano.

Swear I’m Good at This is the album you knew you always needed. It is empowering, satirical, and somehow reminiscent of the eclectic stickers our parents told us to stop sticking to our bed posts. Diet Cig full-on embraces girl power in the song “Link in Bio,” which will have you hitting replay due to its overwhelming agreeability:

“I’m done with being a chill girl!
I’m trying to take over the world…
Don’t. Tell. Me. To. Calm. Down!”

Along with vocalizing eye-rolls toward everyday misogyny, Luciano sheds light on the weird emotions circulating around us constantly. “Barf Day” speaks to anxiety, loneliness, and boredom, and this particular lyric resonates deep within my soul: “I use my phone until it dies. Just like my plants, can’t keep anything alive.”

Diet Cig ends the album with “Tummy Ache,” arguably an ode to gender inequality in indie music. Lyrics, “I don’t need a man to hold my hand,” and “it’s hard to be a punk while wearing a skirt” contribute to the ongoing conversation of female discrimination in indie music. Fortunately, Diet Cig is signed to Father/Daughter Records, a small label with notable female talent similar to Diet Cig. Make way for the women taking over the world, oh, and don’t tell them to calm down.

Diet Cig is making an appearance at the Holland Project on May 1, with Lisa Prank and our local favorites Just Guys Being Dudes. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. If this show is anything like their last Reno show, you don’t want to miss.