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Typhoon of the Introspective Mind

DJ Sarah & DJ Tyler & DJ Cassie 

Tuesday 7:00 pm-8:30 pm

1. What is the name of your show? Why did you choose that name?

Sarah: Our show name is Typhoon of the Introspective Mind! We were struggling to come up with a good name for the show and we were actually using an online band name generator at the time. Our show was originally supposed to be called “Skintight Aggression” but we thought that sounded too much like a death metal band and changed it to Typhoon at the last minute. Our name makes zero sense if you think about it, but we’re Typhoon nonetheless.

Cassie: Typhoon of the Introspective Mind – we actually had no idea what to do, so we used a website that matched random words together and we kept refreshing it until we got something we liked! We were torn between “Typhoon of the Introspective Mind” and “Skintight Agression,” but typhoon won out, cause we thought that skintight aggression sounded a little too hardcore, but it was a toughy!


DJ Cassie and DJ Sarah, taken by DJ Tyler. 

2. What do you talk about during your show?

Sarah: We actually don’t talk a lot during our show. We introduce the show and the songs but thats about it. We want to incorporate more banter but its harder than it looks! Also we sometimes get distracted during the show and forget to announce songs. Our show is more about the music than talking anyway. Sometimes we have to write a script just to open the show because we’re so bad at talking on air.

Cassie: Not really anything, we just announce the songs (sometimes) and introduce ourselves. We are all kinda awk lol so we don’t really know what to say, but we are trying to incorporate some more dialogue, we just haven’t figured out what we want to talk about yet.

3. What’s your personality like during your show?

Sarah: Having a radio show is kind of like a stress relief for me. No matter how badly my day has gone, I’m always excited to go play music and kind of chill out for a few hours. So I’m always pretty upbeat and happy during the show.

Cassie: Umm, I’d say pretty laid back. Since we don’t really talk too much it’s kinda hard to say, but we tend to just talk as we would with friends. Pretty calm, cool, and collected 👍

4. What are some of your favorite albums from this year?

Sarah: One of my absolute favorite albums this year has been Kaleo’s A/B. I love how they put their more rock n roll songs at the beginning, and ended it with slower, more acoustic songs. I also really love How to Be a Human Being by Glass Animals. Every song off that album is fantastic. The songs all sound so different but blend together and flow really well.

Cassie: I’m actually obsessed with Lord Huron, and I know their newest album is already a couple years old, but I can’t not choose them. This year especially I’ve been binge-listening (is that a thing?) to them, and I’ve always really loved the oldest album. I don’t think I’ll ever take Lonesome Dreams out of my car’s CD player.

hq7205. Favorite music video?

Sarah: Any music video Kaleo has ever made is definitely my favorite. They film all of their videos in Iceland, and in crazy places too like inside of volcanoes or on top of icebergs. And they film them live! “Save Yourself” is definitely my favorite video that Kaleo has done. “Sleep On The Floor” by the Lumineers is a close second.

Cassie: A friend showed me this one pretty recently – it’s “I Found,” by Amber Run. I thought the video was very well filmed, the plot was cute, and of course the song is great!

6. Favorite television show?

Sarah: My favorite TV show is probably Shameless or Breaking Bad. But Rupaul’s Drag Race is my guilty pleasure show.

Cassie: Since my life is literally 24/7 watching TV, this is actually a really hard question. Recently, I thought Black Mirror was pretty awesome, and I also loved Stranger Things. But I would have to say my all time favorite show is LOST.

7. Best concert you’ve been to?

Sarah: I think it’s a tie between the Struts, Kaleo and Walk the Moon. Hozier, Passion Pit and Foster the People were also all really great live. I think the Struts and Walk the Moon have the best energy on stage.

Cassie: It was a long time ago, but my sister and I went to Oshega about 4 years ago and seeing Mumford and Sons had to have been one of my fave experiences to date. They were awesome live, and okay Marcus Mumford: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.

8. Goals for your show?

Sarah: I would love it if Typhoon could keep growing. As a show, we want to keep bringing in new listeners and playing music that we enjoy, and think that others will like too. I want to expose as many people as I can to the world of indie music. That’s really what Typhoon is for…a way for people to listen to music and bands that they’ve never heard of before, and hopefully they like what we play.

Cassie: I think the biggest thing we’ve been trying to work on lately is talking more. We try to keep our show focused mainly on playing the music, but we are definitely looking to incorporate more dialogue!