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Thursday 9:00 pm-10:00 pm

1. What is the name of your show? Why did you choose that name?
The name of my show is d.e.p.t.(h)³. It’s an acronym that outlines each style of music I play on my show: deep.electro.progressive.tech.(house & hip hop). I live mix every show with a Pioneer DDJ-SX2 mixer, meaning I only know the first song I will be playing and the rest of what you hear is mixed live, on the fly, and without rehearsal. Too many electronic shows focus on a single style/artist and I wanted to bring a live mixed and eclectic selection of electronic music to Wolf Pack Radio to essentially combat the stereotype that “all electronic music sounds the same.”

2. What do you talk about during your show?

I really try to focus on the music itself and where it came from. I really love to promote new and unique sounds as well as those that I feel are underrepresented in the electronic music world. Electronic music is truly a worldwide genre. I’ve played artists from Brazil, Estonia, Russia, Indonesia, Sweden, France, Israel, England, Italy, Canada (including First Nations Canadians), Iran, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Australia and many American artists… I’m also pretty sure I’m leaving a lot of places out. A lot of these artists don’t get much play here in America and I love having the opportunity to introduce these artists to the Wolf Pack Radio audience. I make sure to have a tracklisting at the end of each show that includes a little tidbit about some of the artists/songs so that you can not only hear songs you like, but I’ll tell you who and what each track is. I also end each show with my own personal mantra of “Make stupid decisions, just not permanent ones.” Take it to heart 😉

3. What’s your personality like during your show?

Excited, and ready to dance by myself in the studio with the lights off. I wish I was kidding but I’m not. You can come by and watch me white-boy dance in the studio while I’m mixing each week. I don’t interject in the music too much during the show (I’m usually busy dancing) but I sometimes like to tell short stories about some of the songs that I’m playing. For example, I once played a song that was a parody of Martin Garrix’s “Animals” (a song that I despise) where the original melody was changed to “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” as a way to satirize the boring, cookie-cutter big-room progressive house style in “Animals.” At the end of the day, with the frenetic pace of graduate school, my radio show is my break from the chaos and it’s the one thing I look forward to most each week.

4. What are some of your favorite albums from this year?

This is always such an odd question for fans of electronic music because most releases are either just singles or EPs. But of course, there are some albums this year that I can’t get enough of. I mean, it’s been less than a week since its release, but what better salve is there for post-election blues than A Tribe Called Quest’s first album in 18 years? If you haven’t listened to We Got it From Here Thank You 4 Your Service I am begging you to stop reading this and go listen… or listen while reading.


Some comebacks are unnecessary and obvious money grabs but this album is relevant, poignant, boom-bap traditionalist, and samples Elton John, Vincent Price and Gene Wilder from Willly Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. What is there not to like?! A few others I’ve been getting down to are Justin Martin’s Hello Clouds, The Avalanches Wildflower, and Aesop Rock’s The Impossible Kid.

5. Favorite music video?

If I have to pick one, it’s “Star Guitar” by The Chemical Brothers. It’s not their best song, but the video is incredibly creative. It’s a POV shot looking out of a moving train and there is a visual representation for every sound in the song as the train moves. For example, the claps are represented by lightposts, and the kick drum by small shacks. It’s looping visuals that align with the looped audio. Seriously, go watch it. I also am a sucker for any video that has a dancer that doesn’t look like they should be good at dancing a la Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” and The Avalanches “Since I Left You.”

6. Favorite television show?
Frontline. I know it’s not a sexy choice but it’s the best investigative journalism that TV can offer. Each episode gives you an incredibly in-depth (pun not intended) look into subjects like North Korea, solitary confinement in the US, the civil war in Syria, and other politically relevant topics. The reason I like it more than any other investigative journalism shows is because Frontline is a non-partisan group of PBS journalism superstars who are committed to telling the whole story. They even did a documentary on the 2016 election that stayed as close to objective as you can while still presenting a well-told story. Think about how hard that would be!

7. Best concert you’ve been to?

No question, Prince on his Musicology tour. Prince is everything. Both men and women want him, and want to be him. A true instrumental virtuoso, songwriter and pure entertainer. I saved up money, made my own t-shirt and sat in quiet awe as tears came out of my eyes just because I didn’t want to close them while watching Prince perform the solo of “Purple Rain” with a single spotlight on him to close out the show. Unfortunately, addiction took one of our country’s greatest treasures this year. RIP O(+>


8. Goals for your show?

To get people involved in the electronic music world and know that there is more than top 40 EDM/trap. I want people to have a good time listening, maybe awkwardly dance like I do, and then go out and support electronic music that isn’t just veiled messaging about Molly or breathy vocals combined with reverb heavy major chord progressions. I’d also like to start integrating some comedy into my show. Who wouldn’t want to hear a good Mitch Hedberg or Dave Chappelle joke in the midst of a long 48 bar section?? “When someone hands you a flier, it’s like saying ‘here, you throw this away.'” – Mitch Hedberg.