New York-based duo Overcoats released their first full-length album Young on April 21, 2017. Overcoats consists of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. The release of Young was preceded by several singles off the album including “Leave the Light On”  and “Nighttime Hunger.” Overcoats expertly blends the comforting harmonies of folk with modern synth. According to the duo’s Bandcamp description, Young is about transformation and the passage into womanhood, “sung through the shared experience of two best friends.”  A month before releasing Young, Overcoats appeared on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series and played three songs off of their latest release.

Young is minimalistic, much like Overcoats’ appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk. The first song Overcoats play during their Tiny Desk show is “23,” one of the many Young songs with wistful and dark lyrics.

Forever’s a long time when it doesn’t feel right
And bein’ his wife’s like one long sleepless night
I’m exactly where I said I would be.

Listeners of Young get a taste of the beautiful harmonies and lyrics to come in the first minute-long song, “Father.” The song begins quietly before quickly introducing the pure vocals that Overcoats thrives on. Following the synth-ridden soulfulness of “Father,” listeners are delivered to the more upbeat, “Smaller than My Mother.” While the levels of pop and synth continue vary throughout the album, Overcoats never strays from the magical harmonies and meaningful stories woven into the lyrics. Listeners are drawn into the sway of the music, up until the seemingly abrupt end.