Come together to benefit community radio

The Holland Project is an all-ages music and arts venue. KWNK is a non-profit radio station that champions music and ideas through community-driven, non-commercial radio in Reno and beyond.

Coming this Saturday, May 27 we have a very special benefit event called Sound Off! Proceeds are going to KWNK to help get the community radio station get up and running. Sound Off! is essentially a battle of the bands (which will be MC’d by the one and only Lil Traffic), and the winner is going to receive the amazing prize of a two day recording session at the Sound Saloon! Additionally, Nom Eats will be parked outside of the Holland Project slinging amazing vegan goodness, and we already know how awesome that it is.

Below we’re going to give a little information for each band to help you get acquainted.

Common Mishap has kind of a post-hardcore sound. Their album Aphasia take you through beautiful melodies, upbeat pop punk riffs, and some heavy songs that will leave you satisfied.

Common mishap

Boys is a female-fronted pop punk band with really fun and easy to listen to songs. They have lyrics that are relatable and filled with good teenage angst.


Pink Awful is a soulful noise rock band. Their song Your Shoulder is reminiscent of 70’s R&B and has a gritty chorus that’s nice and loud.

Pink awful

Tresed has a very vintage sound. They have songs with heavy Sabbath, Sleep-sounding riffs and noisy Sonic Youth-sounding leads.


Night Rooms brings surfy garage rock music that inevitably turns any show into a dance party. With real life lyrics that have a humorous spin and a goofy energy, Night Rooms is relatable in all the best ways!  


Surly, according to the dictionary: bad tempered and unfriendly. However, Surly’s live performance is anything but that.  Cathartic lyrics and sweet melodies, Erin Miller is sure to steal a piece of your heart. She will be backed by the phenomenal percussive energy of Tea Haze!


Long Story Short is a whopping seven player group, backed by strong jazz roots and pushing forward into new musical enterprises. Anyone into interesting sound landscapes and jazz fusion will dig this band.

long story short

The plan is to give everyone that comes through the door a KWNK button to use as a vote–drop it in your favorite band’s jar and at the end of the night we’ll add them up; whoever has the most buttons wins! It’s a pretty straight forward way to help your favorite band win something that will benefit both the band and listener.

The $5 admission proceeds will be going to help get KWNK 97.7 off the ground! We are so excited about this community opportunity to build a radio station. This will be a very interactive event with good tunes and good food. It’s not to be missed.

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