Beach Fossils Refresh Sold-Out Crowd at the Holland Project

Oct. 11 was an unforgettable night for fans of Beach Fossils. The New York City-based band proved to be a favorite among locals with pre-sale tickets selling out and tickets sold out at the door. This caused a problem for the line that was forming around the building, a strange sight for the local venue that typically does not have as big of turnouts.

Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils sold out the show on Oct. 11 at the Holland Project*.

Opening the night was local band Video World followed by Slow Hollows. I was unfortunately one of the many people standing in line and missed Video World’s set. Video World played to a large crowd, and fans of lo-fi indie music can always be sure to catch the group at the Holland Project.

Reno-based band Video World as featured on the Holland Project's Flickr.

Reno-based band Video World played a set before Slow Hollows*.

I was able to make it into the Holland Project just in time for Slow Hollows. The Los Angeles-based band made the wait worthwhile. Their dreamy guitar riffs and raw vocals instantly captivated the crowd. The horn solo in their song “Again” was also a unique touch that made the group stand out that much more.

Photograph of Slow Hollows from the Holland Project's Flickr.

Slow Hollows toured with Beach Fossils and joined them as they stopped at the Holland Project*.

Beach Fossils followed Slow Hollows and brought incredible energy with them. The group played songs such as “Sleep Apnea,” “What a Pleasure,” and “Daydream,” along with other favorites from the albums Clash The Truth, What a Pleasure, and Beach Fossils. The group easily put the crowd in a good mood with their up-beat guitar riffs and melodies. Beach Fossils’ indie-pop sound even gave off psychedelic vibes during some songs, which caused the crowd to sway to the music with ease. Their refreshing combination of soft-spoken songs and high-paced songs was a perfect balance, and left the crowd wanting more.

Beach Fossils.

Beach Fossils at the Holland Project*.

*All photographs in this post are from the Holland Project’s Flickr.

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