I spend most of my nights these days looking for just about anything to do to avoid pre-final schoolwork.  So when a benefit show for the Nevada Humane Society with a local line-up came across my radar last Thursday, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go. I mean, I was supporting puppies AND the local music scene. It’s like the universe was just demanding that I put off my essay for another day.

And if the night was anything to go by, I should listen to the universe more often.

Punk rockers Man the Tanks set the tone for the event, opening up the night with songs that almost immediately sent the crowd into a moshing frenzy. With their catchy lyrics and high-energy stage presence, the band definitely left a mark on the crowd. I remember a girl next to me remarking how she was going to have one of their songs stuck in her head for days.  You can get hooked on their music for yourselves, here.

26631932775_d6bc1d8c29_oMan the Tanks, above, on behalf of The Holland Project’s Flickr

The crowd’s energy continued with Sparks natives Atlas Frame. The four-piece instrumental rock outfit played a variety of songs, with each one showing off the members’ proficiencies with their instruments. If you’re looking for music that you can easily groove to, check out the band’s bandcamp.

Atlas Frame, above, on behalf of The Holland Project’s Flickr

Next to play were alternative rockers Newbound. Judging from the crowd’s reaction to the band, you don’t need to be a local to understand their place in the scene. There was a point in their set where I turned around to check out the mosh pit that had opened up and I was brought to chills from what I saw—there were just rows of people singing and dancing along with the songs. It was definitely one of the cooler things I’ve seen happen at a local show. You can listen to Newbound’s their EP here.

26605090916_42e87c136d_oNewbound on behalf of The Holland Project’s Flickr

City Wolves closed off the night. While it was getting kind of late by the time they played, that didn’t stop the indie/post-rock band from giving a high-energy performance. I was particularly inspired by the bassist, who had jumped into the crowd and around the stage throughout the set. You can check out their latest release, Limerence, here.

26538374662_437e2a6f04_oCity Wolves on behalf of The Holland Project’s Flickr

By the end of the night over $300 had been raised in support of helping animals find forever homes. If you’re interested in helping out further, you can donate online, or volunteer on site. The Holland Project are pros at putting on benefit shows, check out their online calendar to see what’s coming up!

Written by Amy Serrano.

Cover photo of City Wolves on behalf of The Holland Project’s Flickr